Reflection on tutor’s feedback to Part one

I was pleased with my tutor’s feedback on my Part one assignment.

Part A

He said that my comments on Tansey’s painting rose to the challenge of the innocent eye test by recognising and exploring the reflexive nature of the image.  He thought my response to the assignment was well-judged as I used good sources and treated the topic both rationally and imaginatively by using the Mr & Mrs Andrews painting vis-à-vis the spectator, effectively showing what it means to participate in the puzzle. I tested the question and thereby demonstrated critical thinking.

My tutor identified a couple of points in the painting which could have helped me interpret the painting in relation to Ruskin’s comments – which are very interesting once recognised.

Part B

My tutor thought my research on perspective was well informed, and with clear thinking I arrived at a persuasive conclusion.  He said that it would have been better to have rolled my definitions section into a regular paragraph to maintain the sense of an argument, which I appreciate and will avoid in future work.

Learning Blog / Self-evaluation

My tutor thought my self evaluation of Part one was well judged insofar as it remained focused on practical issues, and likes my formal and conversational style.

Looking ahead

Nothing leaps out as needing improvement as I move into Part two. I just need to keep up the reading and contextual research and presenting my work in the same consistent manner.




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