Exercise 2.1 Barr Extended

Make your own copy of Barr’s chart and extend it up to the year 2000 by including movements such as Pop Art. In a separate column list major events in politics and culture that you think have had some bearing on the kind of art practiced at the time.

If the three images below are shown correctly, they should show a composite image of my extended chart using conventions similar to those that Alfred Barr used in his ‘Cubism and Abstract Art’ diagram.

My prime source for information of the main art movements was brilliant web site TheArtStory.org.   I was able to read about each art movement, and attempt to establish how art movements influenced each other.

While Barr included the start date of a movement in his chart, I also added the approximate end date of a movement – it’s interesting to see how long a movement remains active.


I will not comment on particular art movements here – the diagram should speak for itself (and it took around 12 hours to produce).  I think as the years pass, all sorts of influences of previous art movements contribute to the contemporary art of the time, and different people will have different views on how one movement or artist influences another.




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